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Born at Glaser Instruments Repair Shop in Nashville, TN... Shopflow is an all-in-one musical instrument repair and manufacturing platform. Our software is used by professional shops across the world to increase productivity and improve the customer experience.

Shopflow Features:

Smart Work-Orders

Throw away paper invoices. Shopflow's Smart Work-Order system allows for easy delegation of tasks and complete transparency into the repair/build process.

Automatic Customer Communication

Shopflow eliminates unnecessary emails and phone calls with automatic customer notifications.

Advanced Reporting

No more guesswork, Shopflow tracks revenue, throughput, and invoice history. Giving you the tools to constantly improve.

Fully Customizable

Shopflow is a highly adaptable and powerful tool for large manufacturers and boutique shops alike. Inventory, jobs, and workflow can all be scoped for your unique needs.

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GitWik by GitSuite Logo Musical Instrument Photos

Together we know everything.™

Gitwik is a public repository of user submitted musical instrument photographs curated by guitar experts. You can easily browse a tens of thousands of large and small scale production-run instruments shown in their original condition. GitWik is trusted resource for research and authentication purposes.
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Based inside of Glaser Instruments repair shop in Nashville, TN. Music City Bridge designs and sells world class musical instrument tools and parts. You can find our products on-stage and in-studio with legends such as Vince Gill, Brad Paisley, Robben Ford, John Jorgensen, David Rawlings, Tom Bukovac and many more.
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Guitar Atlas by GitSuite Serial Number lookup program
Guitar Atlas is a simple and powerful tool for serial number research. Powered by AXEFAX, Guitar Atlas makes finding the year of manufacture as easy as typing in the serial number and pressing go.
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AXEFAX API Musical Instrument Details
The AXEFAX API is the most comprehensive instrument details library in the world.

For Builders

Ensure specifications are accurate across your entire enterprise, from sourcing to sales.

For Sellers and Marketplaces

Our REST API can be implemented in less than an hour and provides your customers with the most accurate and up-to-date musical instrument specs.

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